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As a volunteer-based animal rescue, we're always in need of help to care for our rescued pets while they transition from abandonment to a safe & trusting environment.


* Foster Home - Foster volunteers provide care for animals that are not yet ready for adoption. We have a variety of animals that need foster care including animals too young for adoption, nursing moms, animals needing supportive health care or time to recover after surgery and temporary placements for owners in transition. We provide all the supplies needed as well as medical care/expenses. Read more (click for link to "Top Reasons to Foster an Animal" below).


* Transportation – Volunteers may be asked to transport animals from their original home to their foster homes or forever homes, or transport to and from the veterinarian to the foster home.

* Pet CarePet Care Volunteers may be asked to help with maintaining the care of our animals such as - socializing shy animals or young kittens, cleaning and prepping areas for new foster animals, and helping with pet-sitting if foster families are away.

* EventsS.A.R holds yearly fundraising events to help support our operations. This requires the involvement of community volunteers. The rescue needs assistance in develop marketing materials to support and promote events, and coordinating details of events such as family dinners, cocktail events, and other fund raising opportunities.

* EducationS.A.R. needs friendly, outgoing, animal-loving people to represent our rescue at adoption days, fairs, and events throughout the year. Community Outreach Volunteers answer questions about the work we do at S.A.R., hand out educational materials, and tell people about our programs and upcoming events.


*** Volunteer help is vital to keep helping animals in our community ***

​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!

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