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We receive daily calls regarding strays, feral colonies, help with spay/neuter or abandoned pets. We need support from our community to continue helping the pets in need. Would you consider sponsoring a pet? 

Sponsoring a pet allows us to provide important medical care such as vaccines (rabies, distemper, upper respiratory virus), tests (heartworm, parasites, FIV/FLV) and sterilization, as well as provides food, litter and supplies for pets under our care.

If you wish to donate goods, please let us know and we'll pick it up.

Below is a list of items we are often in need:

* Cat Food (Dry and canned food)

* Cat Treats

* Food/water dishes

* Litter boxes

* Cat litter (clumping)

* Dog Food (Dry and canned food)

* Dog Treats

* Puppy Pads

* Pet bed / Blankets

* Toys

* Gift cards to purchase food and supplies

* Pet carriers

Please consider sponsoring a pet!!

Your help can make a huge difference in the lives of pets in need.

Our volunteers and rescued pets appreciate all your support!!

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