Pawsitively making a difference!




Our Mission

Southington Animal Rescue serves our community with programs and services that improve the welfare of animals. We exist to provide a better life for adoptable companion animals without homes and to assist in the effort to limit the overpopulation of feral cats through a Trap-Neuter-Release methodology.

The key principles that we follow to assist us in achieving our goals are:

  • Assist in finding homes or re-homing sick, injured, abused and abandoned adoptable domestic animals.

  • Reduce overpopulation of animals through spay and neuter programs and assistance.

  • Foster compassion towards animals and prevent animal cruelty through sharing our knowledge, experience and community education.

  • Help keep animals in their homes through quality veterinary care, training programs and community education.

  • Help pet owners keep their animals through veterinary care assistance, training and education programs.

Pet Spotlight


Jasmine is a sweet kitty. She likes a quiet calm home, but once she warms up to you, she will be the first to take a nap in your lap or perch on your shoulder. She and her sister Belle like other cats, but are nervous around children. Jasmine also loves her catnip toys. She takes a thyroid pill every day, but is otherwise happy and healthy!

Belle is a very affectionate cat, who doesn't mind being held and likes to give hugs! She will put her paws on your shoulders and bury her face in your neck! Belle loves people, but runs away from young children. She and her sister may be seniors, but they both still love to play with their toys. Belle needs to go to her forever home with her sister Jasmine.